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Show Me the Money (Please)

November 29th, 2004 at 05:46 pm

I went to town to do my shopping today. One minor glitch- payday didn't come today. I guess it's going to be tomorrow. It sure would be nice if they decided what day payday is going to be this year. It appears to change every month.
I transferred $100 into the chequing account and went into town anyway. I really had to since when DS asked for milk this morning all he got was a tiny dribble- maybe a tablespoon full.
So I stocked up on some things, but not all the things I was planning on. I spent a total of about $140 and got a number of bulk items that will last us for weeks. I am well prepared with my monthly menu on hand and I'm ready to keep close tabs on the grocery bill again this month.
On another note, I am pleased that Dh got his paystub today and has indeed received his increment. At this time he is bringing home a little over $400 more per month. The only thing is that since it's the end of the year there are no CPP and EI deductions right now. I'm sure that they will eat up this increment, but he'll still be bringing home more than last semester.
Also to offset that is the approval we received today to decrease his withheld taxes by about $300 a month. Bascially, I'm not positive how much his actual take home pay will be, but I imagine it to be close to what his cheque is this month. That is about $500 more than last year's salary per month. Nice increase.
I have already increased the mortgage payments to the maximum we're allowed. We will have to use some of this raise to max out his RRSP contributions, and the leftover will go into the "freedom account" that has been suffering of late. I'm looking forward to having a sustantial savings account again.

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