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Christmas Shopping

November 27th, 2004 at 01:19 pm

I went to do some more Christmas shopping yesterday. After "selling" the first gifts I bought for the kids to my Mom, Zach had nothing for under the tree except 2 sets of peek-a-blocks. I ended up heading to the mall yesterday and bought him a Jumperoo for Christmas. I decided to put it together today since it will give him an extra month of use out of it. I hope he can use it for at lest 6 months and I'm keeping the box and instructions so that I can sell it afterwards. It will probably be in like new condition.
The jumperoo was on sale for $84.99 and I put it on my Sears card so I won't have to pay for it until the payment is due in January.
I also bought myself a new sweater for Christmas day and another blouse as well as a belt- because my pants won't stay up. LOL
On the way home I was running really late so I picked up KFC unstead of making the usual Friday homemade pizza. We only pick up food about 3 times a year, and after eating it I remember why. Why does that stuff always make me feel so ill?
My MIL did decide to skip taking the car payment this month again. I presume it's because she thinks we need the extra money for Christmas. I think we'll start giving them cash every payday instead. It bugs me that the balance on that loan isn't going down. But I don't usually feel too guilty about absorbing that money when she does skip a payment as long as it goes to debt payment or something for the kids.

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