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Shopping Today

November 23rd, 2004 at 01:44 pm

Well, I picked up my groceries today. I stuck to what was on my list except for a box of Bear Paw cookies. Xander loves them and I don't mind him eating them because they're not full of lots of junk. They sure are expensive, though! I promised him a "treat" if he behaved himself at my Mom's today. He sure has been a little pill these last couple of weeks. Sometimes you just have to resort to bribery. So, groceries were only $45 and change. Well within my $85 limit.
Problem is that I also bought a few other things for the house. I needed some new cannisters for flour since the one I had for AP flour was broken a few weeks back and I never had one for WW flour. I also bought 2 new one-piece sleepers for Xander because he has been taking his PJs and diaper off at night- just for fun- and peeing in the bed. With one piece sleepers we put them on backwards and he has yet to figure out how to get them off. While I was at it, they had some baby toys marked down for clearance so I picked up two for Zach's stocking. I let it go a little further than it should have. I ended up using the debit card for the extra items and I may end up going into the overdraft before payday if a few of the cheques I've been waiting on clear. I strongly suspect that the two DH wrote for work related expenses won't be cashed until after payday, but if they come out before I guess I'll be about $30 into my overdraft.
MIL was supposed to deposit a cheque for the car payment a month ago and still hasn't. When DH asked about it she said she'd deposit one at the end of the month. I don't know exactly what that means, but I wish I did. If she's not taking a payment this month (which happens often) then I could use that money to pay down the Visa. I just wish she would deposit the cheques I've given her. I really would rather pay them back than feel like we owe them.

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