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Non-spending Weekend

November 20th, 2004 at 01:20 pm

Okay, that's not totally true since every time we drive into the city we use gas that will have to be replaced. So it is essentially costing money. But, generally speaking, I have been in town 4 times this week and haven't spent much money. Monday was grocery day, Thursday I returned some stuff and picked up formula, milk, and a magazine that I didn't "need", but bought because it had some mutual fund reccommendations in it. Friday I went in to take Xander to the indoor playground for a playdate, but I also took my 2 neices along. Since I was taking the girls' off of my Mom's hands, she gave me money for the playground and lunch for all three kids. So that was free for me. Today I went into town to meet my girlfriends for brunch. I have "treated" one of my girlfriends a few times because when we go out she often goes to pay with her Visa. I can't stand to see that, so I usually pay for both of us. Today she returned the favour by buying me brunch. Again- free for me.
I was going to hit the fabric store to buy some applique's for the boys' Christmas pajamas, but by the time brunch was over I had changed my mind on that and decided to just head home.
DH had taken the boys into town with him so I took advantage of the free time by getting some things done- one being rolling the change that has been accumulating in my jar. I ended up with about $36 from there. I guess that means I "made" money today. LOL Can't complain.

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