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Go Shopping- Make Money (sort of)

November 18th, 2004 at 02:11 pm

Headed into town today to return a couple of things. I'm making a concerted effort to return things I buy that find I won't use or I find on sale elsewhere. Returned about $17.00 worth of stuff. Not a big deal, but had to be done.
I also "sold" some of the Christmas presents I bought for the kids to my mother. I went Christmas shopping in mid September. Hit the Toys R Us sale and got quite a bit of stuff for just over $100. Then Xander's birthday came along and the house was overrun with toys. I started to rethink all the stuff I had bought the boys and considered returning some of them. I mentioned this to Mom and she offered to "buy" some of the presents fro me so that she wouldn't have to go shopping. So today I took two toys to Mom's and she gave me $100 for them. Good deal for both of us I guess.
Feeling secure that my potential grocery deficit is now taken care of, I grabbed some extra formual, a gallon of milk, and a six pack of those blasted little yogurts that Xander loves so much.
I'll write up my grocery list this weekend and should be good to go for next week.

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