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Weekly Shopping Came Early This Week

November 15th, 2004 at 05:25 pm

I ran out of formula last night :0 I made up the last litre of formula and realized that I didn't have enough to make it until Tuesday- my regular shopping day.
I also decided that it was time to stop putting off buying a mattress cover for DS's bed as he took his diaper off in the night and peed the bed. *sigh* So I finally made time to get to Walmart for a vinyl mattress cover.
I stuck to my list this week with the exception of deciding to buy disposable diapers for the baby. I was going to use cloth during the day and put DS's larger diapers on the baby- since they're only 1 size up from what he wears, but had a change of heart when I was at the store.
Oh, and I also bought two patterns for making Christmas PJs for the boys. I have a ton of fleece in my bins so I am going to take the plunge and sew PJs this year instead of buying. I hope it costs little to nothing other than the price of the patterns.
I've been balancing the chequing account and finding it a little short this month. I have thus far stuck to my budget with the groceries and the household items, so I'm not sure why we're stretched this month. Part of it is due to the $100 cheque the ILs bank returned. I got a new cheque in the mail with a letter of apology from the bank today. That will go into the account, but I'll still be pretty pinched for spending cash and grocery money next week.
I'm not really concerned as my menus are already laid out until payday and all I'll absolutely have to buy is formula and milk. Anthing else will probably be able to wait. I may decide to head to town with some baby items that we no longer need. Those may bring in a little bit of quick cash if I need it. I've been wanting to get rid of the bassinet, crib bedding, and some of the clothes anyway. I don't have a clue how much I'll get for it at the consignment store, but any little bit helps when it comes down to the wire. My hope is to squeeze enough money to be able to buy the needed groceries next week without going near the overdraft. Here's hoping.

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