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Frugal Feeds tonight ;)

November 16th, 2004 at 03:11 pm

Days at home are generally uneventful. That means that 5 or 6 out of 7 days I don't spend any money and DH generally doesn't either. I was once challenged to save $1 a day. When you don't spend most days that is hard. Harder than for those who say, spend $2 on coffee at Starbucks every day.
My plan to save $1 a day is to take on a few things that will save me dimes and quarters every day and hope that it adds up to $1 a day. So, today it was about using what is on hand for supper.
I try to make a meal of soup and bread once a week. Dh loves homemade soup. When the kids allow it I will bake bread or buns, but today wasn't a co-operative day with the kids.
Anyway, I found a bag of potatos in the kitchen. Let's just say they were getting somewhat long in the proverbial tooth. There were quite a few eyes staring back at me when I looked into the bag. So I blinded them and threw them into the microwave. A little flour, butter, half a can of leftover evaporated milk, half a tetra pack of leftover chicken broth and a good dose of 1% that was in the fridge- voila. Baked potato soup. And I cleaned out the fridge. I'm feeling quite proud. Add to that some garlic bread that I'll make out of some hoagie buns that were marked down for quick sale and I am happenin'. I'll probably throw together some baked poatao toppings to put on it as well.
My grandmothers could both make a meal out of nothing. They had to, they were dirt poor but they were fabulous cooks. I have a sense today of satisfaction and sisterhood with my grandmothers. I think I've done them proud.
On a side note, I am very happy to say that I got a rebate cheque for $30 in the mail today. Our grocery budget for next week is looking like it will be just fine. The timing couldn't be better.

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