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Cell Phone Drama Continues...

November 9th, 2004 at 12:44 pm

Okay. I cancelled the cellular service we had with Rogers because our bill just kept going up every month because of all the service charges etc. Then I took my phone to a different carrier to see if I could have it hooked up for a pay as you go plan, but the phone is the "wrong kind" ie: it has a sim card in it. So, I get an old phone of my Dad's and decide to get it hooked up when I have a chance.
In the meantime my old cellular company is phoning. "Why did you cancel? Do you want to try XYZ plan instead?" Is there anyone else in you family that would take over you old account?" I'm feeling harrassed. Unfortunately, DH was the one who answered when they called and he is far too nice. If it had been me I would have said "If you want my business so badly now that I've already cut it off, why didn't you match the competitor's terms to begin with?" AKA Stop phoning me!
So today I finally get around to taking the old phone to the new carrier. The girl there says "No problem, we can get that hooked up for you." There is a problem. She can't get the back off the phone to get the number of the phone to put into the system. After 15 minutes of prying with what must have been a very sharp object, she returns triumphant with the back off the phone and the phone case all scratched to hell. ARGH!
I point this out as nicely as I can and she offers to hook the phone up with no administration fee. So, for $20 I got 45 minutes of airtime and a scratched to hell phone. I don't know if that's a frugal flop or a victory...

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