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Day one of online Journal

November 1st, 2004 at 05:03 pm

I'm excited to be starting an online journal focusing on household finances. I think it will help me stay on track with our financial goals.
So, for day one I feel like I've accomplished a lot. After a 5 month hiatus from any semblance of decent money management I am motivated by the debt we have accrued to get at it! This is what I did today:
1) updated and fixed all balances in Quicken so that I have a relatively accurate Net Worth calculation to chart at the end of each month.
2) increased mortgage payments to the maximum starting the first Friday in December. The plan is to use all of the pay raise Dean will get at the end of November to either pay off debt or invest.
3) started winterizing the house with plastic film on the windows and new sweeps on the doors.
4) installed the new space heater for the entry expansion myself instead of paying someone to do it.

Things I have left to do:
1)figure out what measures to take to decrease the power bill.
2)inventory freezers and pantries to prepare for a serious spending freeze on groceries and household items.
3) figure out how to save the $18K needed to pay off the mortgage when it comes due in Feb/07. It's 27 months away, we have to be able to find the cash somewhere.
4)look into better rates for the homeowners insurance that comes due in November. Maybe I can find somewhere to get online quotes...

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